Reading The Land After Fire | Erik Ohlsen

Rising from the ashes, the land responds to the 2017 California Firestorm.  Check out what happened on the land a few weeks after the fire hit!

The environment of California is a Fire Ecology. This means that many plants, animals, fungi and ecological processes depend on intermittent fire for seed viability, soil PH balancing, mineral distribution, disease control, potassium cycling and more.

Unfortunately, these firestorms were catastrophic for humans and human settlements due to the massive loss of life and property. We can do better. We hope with a better understanding of how our environments relate to fire that we can design and build fire safe communities which respect and support the cycles of nature.

Let’s even go beyond that and start to manage our forests, our grasslands, and our wetlands with love and respect by supporting healthy functioning of ecological processes and implementing land stewardship techniques that mimic natural cycles.

Want to go deeper into the fire conversation? Check out this beautiful and timely video.

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