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The Ecological Landscape Professional is my NEW book!

The Ecological Landscape Professional: Core Concepts for Integrating the Best Practices of Permaculture, Landscape Design, and Environmental Restoration into Professional Practice outlines best practices for ecological landscape design, landscape fertility plans, ecological planting strategies, water-harvesting systems, project management, professional design processes, and building a regenerative career developing your own ecological landscape business. 

Imagine what life would be like if your job was to design and implement regenerative landscapes, farms, and restoration projects. Imagine a career where you grow food, catch and store water, repair watersheds, build wildlife habitat, sequester carbon, build healthy soil, and transform your community. We can’t afford to wait for anyone else, we have to act now to save what’s left for future generations. Restoring our world can’t be a weekend hobby any longer as we so desperately need to scale regeneration.

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The Activate Your Joy Life Design Playbook, is the ultimate step by step blueprint for building a clear vision for your life rooted in your passions, talents, and dreams. Using this journal style layout, follow the 12 practical missions to break free from limited thinking, nurture healthy relationships, activate your super powers, heal your body, and fully design and implement a life you love. The missions are well detailed and practical. Each mission has a set of levels to work through, and each level builds on the previous one. The layout of this playbook provides an easy flow for readers to follow filled with mind map and timeline templates, brainstorming activities, leading questions, communication techniques, gratitude exercises, forgiveness strategies and much more.This playbook is the hands-on companion to the best selling book, Activate Your Joy.

You are worthy of a joyful life. Give yourself that chance by awakening the power of your true self. Want to learn to unconditionally love your life and experience happiness and success? The tools and practices you need are at your fingertips. Right now, using your inherent awareness, you can transform your whole frame of mind, your health–and even the world around you. Make Joy the mission of your life and boldly create your dream reality. This book is a call to action and an important message of hope towards healing ourselves, our communities, and our planet.

This book is not about trying to be happy all of the time. It is a realistic view of life. With raw vulnerability and filled with deeply personal stories, author Erik Ohlsen navigates us through his journey of chronic illness, tragic loss, activism, and his efforts to build a life he loves through daily practices, the creation of purpose-driven businesses, and a commitment to self-love.

Activate Your Joy is not just a self-help book but also a tangible guide a reader can use to implement a variety of life changing strategies. The 12 missions provide a step by step process for designing a vision for your life, changing your frame of mind, activating your passions and gifts, working through the grief of loss, learning the power of forgiveness, prioritizing your happiness, healing your body, and so much more. The missions are clear, and the steps are practical.

The Forest of Fire follows the journey of a forest from pristine wild to human developed and the roles and risks of fire in ecology and our lives.

The forest needs to mend its relationship with fire. A forest fire has struck and burned down all the wood. Will the forest grow back? What will the plants, animal’s, and people do?

Discover the secret relationships between forests, fire, and wildlands. This beautifully illustrated book tells the story of a forest with and without fire.

Experience the magic that can be held in the seed and roots of plants. Experience the destruction that can be caused by catastrophic fires.

How will forest and people recover?

THE BEST FARM SCENES TO COLOR! This Farm’s Life Coloring Book is a journey through a day on a farm. Animals, trees, plants, farmers and their kids all join the fun on this natural farm. This groundbreaking new coloring book showcases different ways of stewarding the needs of the environment while at the same time producing a variety of usable products for the community. These yields support a healthy, functional and productive farm. Follow the story and get inspired to learn about growing healthy food, building topsoil, catching rainwater, saving seeds, using renewable energy, and more. Enjoy coloring flowers, animals, plants, insects, mandalas, and farm scenes. Happy coloring!


Grandmother Tree and her community of magical animals and fairies venture to help the children of earth learn and grow. The magical creatures create a Living Playground filled with special powers children discover during their play.

What will children learn there? What powers will they gain? How will the world change…



THE WORLD IS HERE TO EXPLORE AND COLOR! INCREDIBLE SCENES AND MINDBENDING FACTS ABOUT NATURE! Relax and explore the vast reaches of our planet with nature scenes, borders, and mandalas. Over 45 coloring pages!Learn fun and rare facts about animals, forests, and oceans. From the hot desert to the cold mountains, from the bottom of the sea to the top of the world, journey through these unique biological communities filled with special plants and animals living in unfathomable habitats.These beautiful places, many of which are in peril, are home to some of the most majestic, formidable, endangered, and ancient creatures of the world. They make up the very fabric of Our Living Earth.