Eco-Landscape Mastery School | Erik Ohlsen

Create Your Pandemic Resilience Garden

This program is designed to help you align your passion for a better world with the development of a career path that actively creates the world you envision.

This is a Step-by-Step Program to start and grow your ecological design business or organization. An online school and coaching program designed to fully equip and support you as a professional ecological designer, practitioner, community organizer, and consultant.

“If you wish to make an impact in the world, a permaculture-minded business is a proven way to do just that. Save yourself the frustration, time and high risk of failure that comes with trying to learn it all yourself, and make use of the wisdom others have gained. [ELM] has equipped me with valuable tools, and planted thought-provoking seeds in my mind that will literally bear fruit into the future.”
–Austin Unruh, 2018

The Eco-Landscape Mastery School Includes:

  • Live Coaching With Erik Ohlsen

  • Monthly Live Expert Hangouts

  • 16 Core Modules: A complete system for setting up a Regenerative Business or Organization. Each module complete with downloadable guides, templates, and cheat sheets to help you implement.

  • Private Mastermind Community

  • One-time Payment and Life Time Access

The Core Training Modules Include:


Module 1 Landscape Foundations
Learning Objectives

  • Thinking like a watershed and its application in design
  • Implementing functional patterns found in nature
  • Using the principles of Permaculture
  • How to identify your personal context
  • The importance of understanding the community context
  • Community organizing models and actions
  • What makes a career regenerative
  • Building coalitions and social capitol
  • Finding your niche and more
Module 2-Portfolio and Credibility Plan
Learning Objectives

  • Why you need a portfolio
  • Different kinds of portfolios
  • Creating Your portfolio
  • Creating a demonstration project
  • Positioning yourself as a professional
  • Creating a social engagement marketing plan
  • Educating your community
  • Building a network
  • How to work with a variety of different communities
  • Finding purpose in your business and more

Video Sessions:

Building Your Portfolio
Social Engagement Plan
Virtual Tour of Permaculture Artisans Portfolio
Erik’s Ecological Demonstration Gardens

Module 3: Step by Step Assessment Process
Learning Objectives

  • What to do to prepare for a first project site visit
  • Gathering data on projects remotely
  • Printing out the pre site visit check list
  • How to be a “Land Detective”
  • Awareness and observation skills
  • In field soil test options
  • Reading the patterns of water
  • Reading the indicators of plants
  • Site inventory
  • Reading the social landscape and more

Video Sessions:

Site Assessment Pre-Site Visit
Site Assessment in The Field
Reading the Landscape Best Practices

Module 4: Base Map Strategy and Creation
Learning Objectives

  • What is a base map
  • What kind of maps might you need for a project
  • Introduction to triangulation
  • Working with mappers and surveyors
  • How to choose the right kind of map
  • How to use Google Earth in mapping and project management and more

Video Sessions:

Base Maps
Google Earth Pro Mapping How to

Module 5: Consultation Strategy and Implementation
Learning Objectives

  • How to give a powerful consultation
  • Getting paid for consultations
  • The high converting consultation follow up plan
  • Best practices for ecological design consultations and more

Video Sessions:

Professional Consultations

Module 6: Professional Ecological Design Process
Learning Objectives

  • What to include in a design proposal
  • Setting expectations
  • Billable vs non billable hours
  • Presenting the proposal
  • Communication follow up plan
  • Vision/Goal setting
  • Using ecological principles in design
  • Conceptual planning
  • Master planning
  • Monitoring
  • Designing to a management plan
  • Placing elements in design by management needs
  • Elements appropriate for zones 1-4 and more

Video Sessions:

Design Proposal Process
Design Process
Permaculture Zone Planning
Design Proposal Walk Through

Module 7: Water Harvesting and Management
Learning Objectives

  • Assessing landscapes for water harvesting potential
  • The Water Harvesting in the Landscape Toolkit (Rain gardens, Swales, Terraces, Grading and more)
  • Integrating water harvesting strategies
  • Assessing projects for drainage
  • When to drain and when not to drain
  • Basic drainage materials
  • Back flood systems
  • Collecting water off of roofs
  • Wet line vs dry line conveyance
  • Transfer tank systems
  • Choosing a good storage site
  • Designing system overflows and more

Video Sessions:

Water Harvesting in The Landscape
Water and Drainage
Roof Water Harvesting

Module 8: Landscape Drip Irrigation Planning
Learning Objectives

  • Water conservation based irrigation
  • Automated irrigation systems
  • Planning a Drip Irrigation system
  • Best practices for designing and installing drip irrigation systems

Video Sessions:

Drip Irrigation Systems Design and Installation

Module 9: Erosion Control Best Practices
Learning Objectives

  • Assessing erosion issues
  • The Erosion Control Toolkit
  • Water management for erosion control
  • Biological stabilization
  • Check dams
  • Zuni bowls
  • Willow mats and more

Video Sessions:

Erosion Control Toolkit and Best Practices

Module 10: Landscape Fertility Plans
Learning Objectives

  • What is a Landscape Fertility Plan
  • Reading soil reports
  • Amending the soil
  • Building organic matter
  • Activating the life of the soil
  • Planting strategy for soil building and more

Video Sessions:

Landscape Fertility Plan: Development and Practices

Module 11: Planting Strategies
Learning Objectives

  • The magic of plants
  • Choosing plants based on usefulness, function, need, and condition
  • Choosing Plants by bloom time, harvest time, pest resistance
  • Cross referencing your plant palettes
  • Creating a planting plan and more

Video Sessions:

Ecological Planting Systems
Planting Palettes

Module 12: Wildlife Habitat Enhancement
Learning Objectives

  • An ecologically integrated pest management plan
  • The wildlife superstars
  • Habitat strategies for birds, insects, reptiles, amphibians and more

Video Sessions:

Best Practices to Attracting Beneficial Wildlife in the Landscape

Module 13: Pathways & Outdoor Destinations
Learning Objectives

  • How to design for space and flow
  • Pathway design and layout
  • Designing outdoor rooms and patios
  • Pathways materials options

Video Sessions:

Pathways and Patios: Layout and Implementation

Module 14: Rock Wall Systems
Learning Objectives

  • Rock walls in the landscape why and when
  • Dry stacking, veneer, and boulder walls
  • Planning wall projects

Video Sessions:

Rock Wall Systems

Module 15: Project Management
Learning Objectives

  • The importance of good project management
  • Setting up projects
  • Scheduling projects
  • Organizing materials/ equipment/labor
  • Tracking projects
  • Handling changes on projects
  • Why hire sub-contractors
  • Partnering with other professionals
  • Employees versus Subcontractors
  • Hiring/Learning from mentors and more

Video Sessions:

Project Management
Managing Sub Contractors
Project Planning
Invoicing Plan and Bookkeeping Walk Through

Module 16: Running an Ecological Landscape Company
Learning Objectives

  • When to know you need staff
  • Employees versus Subcontractors
  • Making your first hire
  • Billable versus Non Billable hours
  • Going legit
  • Designing your company culture
  • Why you need to be serious about making good hires
  • What to include in job posts
  • Erik’s magical ingredient to the hiring process
  • Conducting interviews
  • On-boarding and review period

Video Sessions:

Managing a Growing Business
Hiring Plan Blueprint

“I love how calmly and concisely [Erik] presents the material. I knew the material would be great but the biggest gamble as I invested in the course was whether the presentation would be engaging. I am pleasantly surprised that it’s an engaging course and the audio/visuals are great.”
– Thomas Edison, 2018

Bonus Module: Landscaper Estimate Budget Template/Workbook

This is a complete estimation software and spreadsheet system provided to you as part of the ELM School. Use this system right away to start budgeting, costing, and tracking your ecological design projects.

Video Sessions:

Project Estimate Tutorial and Workbook

Live Coaching With Erik Ohlsen

Every month live coaching calls are convened by Erik Ohlsen. In this “fishbowl” type environment, Erik will coach and plan with you one-on-one to discuss whatever issues, goals, or questions you have that month. Everyone in the community is invited to listen in, offer up input, and learn from each conversation. Not only do you get direct coaching from Erik, but you get to learn from everyone else’s experience too.

Erik has 20 + years of experience as a professional designer, community organizer, permaculture teacher, and landscape contractor. All coaching calls are recorded and available to watch or re-watch anytime.

Monthly Live Expert Hangouts

Every month a global expert is invited to hangout out with the ELM Community through live webinars. These are chances to learn from folks with vast experience regenerating landscapes and communities around the world. Learn their innovate solutions, ask your questions, build your network, and gain needed inspiration while meeting with these designers, community organizers, professional contractors, engineers, regenerative farmers, scientists and thought leaders.

Some past experts include: Penny Livingston-Stark, Darren Doherty, Eric Toensmier, Javan Bernakavitch, Jesse Savou, Trathen Heckman, Caiti Hachmyer, Denise Decker, Jamie Wallace and more. All expert hangouts are recorded and available to watch anytime. All of these sessions are available right now when you sign up!

The Eco-Landscape Mastermind Community/Network

Developing regenerative projects, businesses, and growing organizations is a long term endeavor. No single course, coaching call, or inspiring webinar can help you through all of the ups and down that comes with scaling your work in the world. That is why we have created a private mastermind community where you can ask ongoing questions, receive peer-to-peer feedback, access new content, test new ideas, and build your professional network with a powerful community of change makers from around the world.

“I found the course very engaging, interesting, and fluid. It was convenient, a user-friendly platform, and well presented. I definitely recommend the ELM school!”
–Annalisa Rush, 2018

One-time Payment & Life Time Access (A Recipe for Your Long Term Impact)

There are great online courses on regenerative design out there that have a start and end date. These are can be great experiences and can instigate life changing momentum in your life and work.

We have built our program a bit different on purpose. This program is designed to be your advocate, coach, ecological trainer for life. Once you join the program, you will have lifetime access. Access not only to the vast programming already developed and available now, but to all future content, coaching, mentorship, and business opportunities as well. Not only that, but you will have lifetime access to coaching from experts, elders, and professionals all over the world.

The reason we have create this system is because we understand what it realistically takes to professionalize your work and make a long term impact on our world and communities. It takes a commitment to keep going year after year. To be able to try and fail and grow from that experience. To integrate feedback and adapt to change. To regenerate our world take patience, long term planning, and determination. That is why we have structured the ELM School this way. It’s the long game that will make the biggest difference and we want to be there to support you along the way. Are you ready?

For now we are keeping this program available through a one-time payment, payment plans, and scholarships. We may shift this program over to a subscription model at some point, so if you want life time access to this program for a one-time payment plan, now is your chance.

Build your regenerative career by integrating

what you love,

who you are,

and your vision for our planet.

The ELM School will provide you with real world organizational tools and systems, foundational ecological design training, expert mentoring, and live coaching…forever.


Cost and Payment Plans:

Eco-Landscape Mastery School: $997 USD for one time payment OR six payments of $217.00 each month for six months. A one-time purchase provides a savings of $305.00.

Apply for A scholarship! We have a half price scholarship available for folks who can’t afford the full cost of the course. (Yes, we can do payment plans for the half price scholarship awardees.) We award a number of these each month! Apply right now using the link below!

Half Price Scholarship Click Here

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: If I receive a scholarship can I still use the payment plan?

A: Yes, absolutely. We have designed the payment plans to assist ALL students in reaching their goals. Please let us know if you’d like to set this up and we will get the ball rolling for you.

Q: I’m on the edge. I feel like I have a pretty solid foundation in some of this material. How do I know I’ll gain anything from the ELM School?

A: The ELM School is an ongoing professional development and training program. Every month more content both foundational and advanced is generated inside the school. Whatever you want to grow and learn more about, simply request inside the school and we will develop connect curated to your needs.

Q: I’m unsure what my schedule is going to look like over the next couple of months. If I sign up now, will I be missing any super important content?

A: This course is designed for you to work through the curriculum at your own pace. So we’ve made sure to record and make available any scheduled events. Although we’d love to have all student engaged all of the time, we totally understand!

Q: I have a very busy schedule and cannot always attend the live webinars. I would hate to miss out on all of this content for the ELM School!

A: Not to worry. ALL of our webinars are recorded and posted on the class page! In fact, if you sign up, you’ll gain access to every webinar we’ve ever held from the start of the ELM School!