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Eco-Landscape Mastery AFFILIATE Program

Welcome to the Eco-Landscape Mastery(ELM) Affiliate Program

Regenerate the Planet, Educate the Next Generation, Build a Regenerative Economy, Fund Permaculture Aid Projects, and Make a Good Living Doing it.

The ELM School is a step by step program designed to train and coach designers, landscapers, regenerative agriculturists, and educators in the development of professional regenerative enterprises.

To find out more about the Eco-Landscape Mastery School and learn about what’s included in the program, continue reading below. But first, let’s take a deeper look at the ELM Affiliate Program and everything it has to offer you and your community.

As always, feel free to get in touch with us if you need more information or support. Thank you and good luck!

ELM Affiliate Program

The affiliate program has a few different components. Here is what happens when you join.

How It Works:

We will provide you with an affiliate link and for every student that signs up through your link you will receive a 40% commission from the cost of the program. Your read that right, 40%… Your job is to share the program with your community, audience, and network. The more you help students understand the value of the program, the more likely they will sign up and you will receive a substantial commission.

Here is how the numbers breakdown:

Early Bird Enrollment Commissions (Ends September 30th):

Participant enrollment cost= $797(early bird)

Your affiliate commission = $318.80

Regular Enrollment Commissions (After September 30th):

Participant enrollment cost= $997

Your affiliate commission is= $338.80

For those that take the time, this affiliate program could make you a decent living or a great side business.

Permaculture Aid Project Donations

As part of our commitment to applying the third ethic of Permaculture, Reinvest Surplus, we will be donating 5% of all profits to a Permaculture Aid project twice a year during each ELM program launch cycle.

The ELM program will have two VIP launch cycles a year. Each launch we will choose a new organization to donate 5% of all profits to that organization.

For the upcoming launch, ending October 25th, 5% of all sales will go to the Ashog Haiti. This is a Permaculture inspired project working to provide resources like regenerative food gardens, chickens, medical care, education and more for the children and elderly of poverty stricken Haiti.

Our goal is to make ELM and this affiliate program an economic engine for supporting projects like the Ashog Haiti.

Learn more about Ashog Haiti here:

After Enrollment Ends October 25th:

On October 25th, all students will gain access to the Eco-Landscape Mastery School program. They will have lifetime access to all video modules, estimation software, template downloads, and extra bonuses. They will also gain access to the Facebook Mastermind Community with one year free access. Every month we will conduct multiple live coaching, expert hangouts, and student showcase events. Ongoing coaching will happen within the FB Mastermind Community. Read below for the full details about what is included in the ELM Program.

Once the VIP launch window closes, the course will be set on “Evergreen”. This means it will be available for people to sign up every day yet without some of the bonuses and discounts offered during the VIP launch cycle.

Between launch cycles while the course is available in evergreen mode, 5% of profits will continue to go to the chosen organization of the previous launch. Once a new launch begins, the next chosen organization will receive their 5% of profits. Summing this up, we will be donating to two Permaculture AID Projects every year.

Promoting/Partnering with You

Another Huge Opportunity

The final component of our ELM Affiliate Program is to invite you affiliates to collaborate with us to create and share YOUR content for our course participants. This gives us an opportunity to promote your programs, courses, books, and projects to our entire online school community. You can join us for one of our monthly live expert sessions, create a mini course with us (we will market and sell to our students splitting all sales 50-50), join a live webinar and more. We want to be your partner and promote your work! Please let us know if you are interested in content partnering by sending an email to:

Now Join the Movement

You can see that the ELM Affiliate Program is a big deal and will make a large impact on developing regenerative business through supporting our student’s, affiliates, and Aid partners.

For those that are serious about participating in making this a success, we are excited to meet your enthusiasm. Before you grab your affiliate link and start reaching out to your community, read below about what the ELM Program consists of. You will want to know this information so you can better engage and educate your community about what this online school is all about.

Once you sign up for your affiliate link, you will receive an email providing you with VITAL INFORMATION about how to promote the ELM Program to your networks. Please read the email before beginning your promotion. Thank you and we look forward to an amazing partnership!

Important note! Please be advised that all commissions will NOT be paid out until the end of the official course launch October 25th 2017.

Coaching packages purchased by students are NOT included in affiliate commissions.

Here is What’s Included in the Eco-Landscape Mastery School

Here’s what students get in ELMS (This is language from the sales page):

A) Video Training Modules: 15+ core modules to learn the step-by- step workflow for professional consulting, designing, and project management of ecologic landscaping. Once the course launches, you will have instant and lifetime access to every module. ($3500 value)

  • Step by Step Site Assessment Process- including supporting resources and templates
  • Portfolio and Credibility Plan- so you can inspire new clients, educate your community, and grow an engaged network.
  • Permaculture and Ecological Design Principles- and their practical use in the design and development of your business, projects, and campaigns.
  • Consultation Strategy and Implementation- everything you need to know and avoid, to be an effective and professional ecological design consultant.
  • Base Map Strategy and Creation- why, when, and how to make sure you have the right base map for your project and easy steps to creating your own.
  • Design Process- All you need to know about creating an ecological design, design plans sets, graphics, and more.
  • Client Management- best practices for communicating with and supporting your clients, creating lasting relationships, and managing a smooth project. Also, how to identify clients you need to walk (or run) away from before you’re in too deep!
  • Presentation Training- all you need to know to give powerful, engaging, educational, and sales converting presentations.
  • Landscape Fertility Plans- how to assess, test, and create a soil fertility plan for each specific project.
  • Landscape Irrigation Plan- making sure you have everything you need to know to create efficient and water saving irrigation plans and systems.
  • Water Harvesting and Management- best practices for assessing and planning appropriate water management and harvesting strategies specific to each project.
  • Planting Strategies- how to choose the RIGHT planting palette for each specific project and function and how to present them to your clients. Edible landscapes, native gardens, drought tolerant and so on are all covered.
  • Project Management- the glue that keeps a project running smoothly. Avoid costly and stressful mistakes by learning the best project management tools and processes.
  • Running a Landscape Company-answers to all those pesky questions about hiring employees, insurance, equipment, business loans, licensing, scaling your business and more.
  • Regenerative Landscape Strategies- why ecological and regenerative landscaping is the biggest trend of the industry. How to design truly regenerative landscapes, farms and restoration projects. What you need to include and what you need to avoid.

B) One-Year free access to a subscription-based private Facebook community, with high-level coaching, monthly live Q&A’s, live expert hangouts, speed mentoring, professional coaching. This is an active and collaborative environment to support you through all of your business and project milestones. ($600 value, $50 per month subscription renewal after one year) 

C) Dozens of downloadable templates for consulting, designing, and assessing landscapes. Including, plant list databases, project management systems, tracking systems, client intake, workflows and more to grow and maintain your business.

D) Our custom built estimation worksheets, templates, and project tracking integration. With these systems you are ready to start estimating your projects and tracking your budget right away. ($2000 value)

E) Live expert and recorded hang outs every month with world leading ecological designers, Landscape contractors, Regenerative Agriculturists. Permaculture Experts and more. (Affiliates!! This is you!!)

F) Student showcases, every month students will get showcased on the expert hangouts to share successes, failures, promote their work and build their networks and support systems.

G) Discounted access to our professional one on one coaching program. Sign up for the mastery level version of this course to receive three one on one coaching calls with one of our professional mentors. Mastery level students will receive 25% off the standalone coaching package if they purchase the master level program. ($250 value)